Vale John van Os

13 March 2018

John Van Os was playing League in the Druitt against the likes of Mark Geyer before Blueys legend (and brother in law) Peter Rech talked him into coming up to Lappo in the winter of 1985,he was big hit,a tough as teak player that went on to make over 270 appearances in the double blue jumper at prop almost always in either firsts or seconds.Quietly spoken,never flashy or loud on the paddock,anyone who played with him will tell you if you went into a scrum,ruck,or maul with John,you were very,very confident of the outcome,meanwhile the opposition were shitting themselves.!John also coached,and although a man of few words,had a rare  assett...respect and admiration for the man was a natural reaction.After the game he loved a scotch on the odd occassion,and was once trapped into skulling a beer in a blueys boat race,John was a no frills family man,and considering all the footy highlights he had with this club,one of his fondest memories,being playing a game of Rugby in the double blue jumper along side Peter and his son Richard.

 In recent years John moved out to Woodstock near Cowra,bought a farm,and had a go at raising Angoras,going back to working for his Mountains guttering installation buinsness from time to time,until his health started to decline eventually Liver cancer taking the ultimate toll at too young an age of 57.

 A great Blueys man has passed,but of course all of us who knew John at the club are grieved,but of  that is nothing compared  to the feelings of his immediate family and circle of friends,particularly wife Robyn,children Bernita,Richard,and Micheal, be assured the Blueys family is with you in this sad moment

John's Funeral will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 2pm Leura Memorial Gardens

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