Good Sports

29 May 2011

Good Sports

Making your club safer and healthier for all to enjoy

May 2011: Your club directors/management are committed to making our club a healthy and safe place for all to enjoy.

We are undertaking a two-year, three-level accreditation program to become a Good Sports club. Good Sports is providing us with resources and help to make sure that we:

manage alcohol responsibly

provide a smoke-free environment

develop safe transport strategies to help our members get home safely

provide healthy food and drink options.

Continuing to improve the environment at the club will help us to:

attract more members and supporters

improve our performance on the field.

Level 1 accreditation focuses on many things we are already doing, including compliance with liquor licensing laws and ensuring a smoke-free environment.

Becoming a Good Sports club is good for our club and good for our community.

We are working to ensure the club is a great place to participate and socialise for all members of our community.

The Good Sports program is a nationally recognised program. The club will be regularly monitored to ensure we comply with the program. It is the responsibility of all our members to make sure we do the right thing when drinking and enjoying ourselves.

For more information about the program and how you can help contact Maurice Kerkham or visit our website.

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