2012 Nicholson Cup News

10 April 2012

2012 Nicholson Cup News

The Colleagues Convicts will replace St George in the Nicholson Cup competition (4th Grade) for 2012.


To view the amended Nicholson Cup draw click on 2012 Draw


Some points to note:

1)      The Convicts will follow the Nicholson Cup draw as published, so they will play home games at Carss Park at 12pm, and travel to you as per normal. Note though that there will be up to 3 matches, still to be confirmed, where the Convicts will play at Woollahra Oval . Kick-off on those occasions will be 11.00am so as to enable your 4th graders to get to Carss Park for the higher grades. We will notify you of the Woollahra dates ASAP.

2)      Nicholson Cup ladder points and Club Championship points will accrue as normal.



Also, as discussed and agreed to at the divisional meeting, please see below the agreement all clubs are bound to follow in Div 3:


In recognition of the different skill levels inherent in rugby, and the duty of care clubs have to all players, we as club administrators, coaches and selectors, will avoid playing 1st and 2nd grade players in 4th grade, regardless of player shortages which our club may experience. If player shortages occur we will always endeavour to select players for a grade reflective of their skill level.


Please make this agreement known to your coaches & committee. Note: this agreement must be enforced by clubs. Clubs who are in breach of this agreement should be reported to the Union office.     


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